What makes vnspeak so unique?

Why you should choose vnspeak.org...
An innovative language center that gives both online and offline Vietnamese language classes.
Action Research

Action Research

Teachers in vnspeak.org are encouraged to do action research and theoretical research in the field of Culture, Language Theory and Learning Theory.


Blended Learning and Authentic Materials as well as other innovation is added into curriculum so that students will be self-directed learners.
Real Life Activities

Real Life Activities

Students are given numerous prepared and surprising opportunities to have real-life conversations and real-life experiences with the Vietnamese people and culture.

flexible learning options

We offer a wide range of learning options including from online to offline in our classroom to private tutor services at learners’ places.

Language Companions

One on one lessons are available for those who wish to get help with specific things or have special needs.

Vietnamese in Practice

The program is designed in a way that enable you to put the language in use and feel free when communicating.

Out door activities

For offline students, filed trips and interaction with locals are part of the curriculum. For online learners, projects are included.

Popular Courses

the very courses that meet students' needs


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