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About The Courses

A pre-intermediate Vietnamese Communication Course that focuses on situations that students may get into when living in Vietnam.

After the course, students will be able to use Vietnamese to communicate with locals about their daily concerns.

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Vietnamese Simple Talk 2 (VSST.2.0)

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  • Duration: 18 sessions (18 hours)
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Lesson: 0

Group Class

  • Price: $ 119
  • Students: 2-5
  • Schedule: Fixed (view in Group Class Announcement)
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Private Class

  • Price: $ 233
  • Students: 1
  • Schedule: Free to book with our teachers
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A Vietnamese language lover who loves sharing Vietnamese language and culture with other friends.  


Cô Trang was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. She is a graduate of Linguistics in the University of ...


Cô Hương is a teacher of Vietnamese language  coming from Hanoi. She holds Bachelor Degrees in Linguistics and English ...
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